What Age Range Do You Accept?

We have two separate sessions based on age range. Saturday mornings are for ages 7-18 and Thursday evenings are for ages 16-29. Naturally if a young person is aged 16-18 they can attend both or whichever one suits them best at that time.

What Happens After A Member’s Eighteenth Birthday?

A member leaves our junior session on the term break following their eighteenth birthday. However we will have encouraged them to join our Thursday session so they can remain with us. We have links with Senior Gateway in Carrickfergus who also offer opportunities for young adults aged 18 plus.

Have You Experience With Condition X?

Over the years children with many different conditions have been members of Gateway. We would rather talk to you about the level of support your child needs individually rather than generalise based on any condition they may have.

What If My Child Does Not Want To Come Every Week?

We completely understand if your child doesn’t want to come every week and have no problem if they would only like to come now and again.

How Much Is It Per Week?

Membership is two pounds per week. This covers use of all equipment and food supplied at breaktime. It will also cover the cost of most outings taken within the club.

What Level Of Supervision Is There?

At the very least we have an over eighteen leader supervising every occupied room within the club as well as someone on the door at all times. Most of the time there will be a few leaders in every room, running activities, supervising members and taking part in activities.

Is Transport Available?

Unfortunately not however we’re only about a five minute walk from Clipperstown train station. All trips taken by the club outside the Carrickfergus area will include transport to and from Sunnylands youth Centre often by private coach hire