Complaints Policy


We in Carrickfergus Junior Gateway believe that everyone has a right to express their views or complain about the service that we provide.
This is one of a range of policies that aim to give a voice to people who use our services and to encourage the full participation and involvement of people with a learning disability.
By inviting comments and encouraging feedback we aim to ensure the continuous improvement and development of Carrickfergus Junior Gateway. We will do this by:

  • Adopting procedures for handling comments and complaints.
  • Sharing information about our policies and procedures with members, parents and volunteers.
  • Sharing information about our procedures with agencies that need to know.
  • Following carefully the procedures for handling comments and complaints.

We are also committed to reviewing our policy and practice at regular intervals.



We believe that everyone has the right to voice their opinion or express their concerns about the club. By inviting feedback we hope to continually improve the club and how it is run. If you do have any concerns please do get in touch via the following methods.
Stage 1
We would hope that any issue may be resolved informally by disclosing your views with the leader in charge using any of the methods listed in the contact us section.
Stage 2
If a problem cannot be resolved by contacting the leader in charge please put your complaint in writing addressed to the chairperson and post it to the club.
Stage 3
If the matter has not been resolved or there is no satisfactory outcome to your complaint please write to the Mencap Support and Development Officer for the Northern Area. Details can be found at Mencap’s website