Manual Handling Policy

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (MHOR) define manual handling as

“…any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or bodily force.”
In order to prevent any injury or risk due to manual handling Carrickfergus Junior Gateway has developed a Safe System of Working.
Safe System of Working

  • Any equipment used must be suitable for the task and been designed with safety as a priority.
  • Any equipment must be installed using manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Tools and equipment must be suitable for the task and used correctly. This may involve the training and supervision of volunteers.
  • Any concerns about Sunnylands Youth Centre premises must be passed onto the leader in charge who will pass this onto the centre owners.
  • Equipment must be checked regularly to ensure it is safe and working properly.
  • Records will be kept of any concerns or problems. Training will also be recorded.

This Safe System of Working will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it complies with current legislation, that the systems still work and any accidents are taken into account.