Medication Policy


In Carrickfergus Junior Gateway it is our policy to not administer medicine. If any member requires medication they must be able to administer it themselves with written permission from their parents or guardians.
We in Carrickfergus Junior Gateway require parents and guardians to inform us of any medication their child is taking. This enables us to inform emergency services quickly if the situation should arise.
It is the policy of Carrickfergus Junior Gateway to use latex free plasters.



  • Stage 1
    • Parent/Guardian must provide written permission for their child to use medication in the club.
  • Stage 2
    • Medication will be kept in a locked cupboard.
  • Stage 3
    • If member requires medication they must tell a leader who will supervise them as they take the medication.
  • Stage 4
    • Parent/Guardian will be informed what medication their child took and at what times when they collect their child at the end of the club.