Shop Trip Procedure

At Carrickfergus Junior Gateway we believe that the members should be independent and have the chance to make their own decisions and learn how to be responsible for themselves. We believe that the shop run we do helps with this as they learn road safety and how to use money in a safe environment.

  • Only children with money are allowed to go to the shop
  • At least 2 leaders must accompany the children one of which must be over 18
  • All children are required to line up at the door before they go to the shop and are reminded of road safety rules.
  • A headcount of children will be done before the children leave the club.
  • Children are allowed to spend as much as they want and can buy anything they would like unless parents/guardians have specifically said their child is not allowed a certain item. In this case it is the responsibility of the leaders to ensure this request is adhered to.
  • One leader must stay outside the shop at all times.
  • A headcount will be done outside the shop before returning to the club.